Director’s Cut

In a dim room, I emerge carefully wearing the occasional fabric and lace uniform and stand at the door. He is sitting in his usual chair, shirt unbuttoned, phone in hand and thumb in mid swipe. He puts his phone down on the side table and directs his full attention to his new view. He unconsciously rubs his hands slowly up and down his thighs. I see the quick flush in his cheeks and the noticeable bulge in his jeans but his eyes tell me there is no rush. He will wait until I’m ready.

I’m not good enough.

I slowly start the journey towards him, swaying my hips as I glide. I seductively run my hands over my body and tousle my shoulder length hair playfully. I smile with my eyes and part my lips as I trace my finger over their soft flesh down my neck and circle my breasts making my nipples erect under my touch. I stop and delicately spin for a full view of my body ending it with my back turned to him. By degrees, I bend at the waist and push my hips towards him to give a better view of the merchandise with a small giggle. As I straighten up, I look over my shoulder and give him a sultry smile. My fingertips are tingling, anticipating the touch of his skin.

I’m not brave enough.

He reaches for me and I am drawn to the gravity of his gaze, the heaviness in his breath. I take a step forward so I’m just within his reach. He gingerly places his hands to surround my hip bones and glides me closer into the world of his embrace. Breathlessly, he tells me I’m beautiful as he watches his fingers trace imaginary lines from my face, down my neck, between my breasts, over the fabric that covers my hips, around my thighs and back up again. Effortlessly, he spins me around and repeats his pattern over my shoulder blades down to my hips, around my ass, down my thighs and back up again only hesitating at the clasp on my back. I feel the familiar click and feel the fabric drop to the ground accompanied by the welcome rush of cool air on my bare skin. I take a step out of it and turn to face him once again.

I’m not smart enough.

My hands come alive as they push onto his chest and my legs drape over his to take a seat on his lap. They hurriedly remove his shirt and I run my hands along the length of his arms to his hands on my waist, down my body and up his thighs to the waist of his jeans. I unbutton his pants and unzip them only to relearn in frustration that it is impossible to remove them in this position. He laughs and stands me up, undresses himself, sits back down, and effortlessly replaces me on his lap as if nothing happened. I laugh as I wrap my arms and legs around him in a tight embrace, deliciously delighting that there is finally nothing between us.

I’m not pretty enough.

His skin radiates warmth as I place his hard cock deliberately between our pressed bodies and his scent brims my senses. I slowly grind against him, first clockwise and then counterclockwise, reawakening our craving to solve jigsaw puzzles. He measures me in cups and we cascade into bed like melting ice cream. His lips are searching for mine and I hungrily meet him pausing to outline his mouth with my tongue. My hands caress the back of his neck and travel down to to his strong shoulders. Greedily, they create large sweeps over his back and down his body to his erect cock and somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear him moan. His hands are reading my skin as they firmly cup my breasts and gently squeeze my nipples. My eyes watch as he devours me and our vocal expressions entangle in the fabric of our Brooklinen Sheets.

I’m not strong enough.

He sits up to hovers over me, drinking me in with those familiar wild eyes. He mumbles that he needs to look at me and leans over me to spread my legs and bury his face. His tongue makes short licks around my clit and then envelops my pussy lips into his mouth first sucking on one side and then the other. In this position, there is no hesitation for me as I shift my body so I squeeze under his leg so his cock hangs directly above me. I wet my lips and, inch by inch, I slide his cock into my mouth and as I move down, lick the ridges of the head with my tongue. I know what I’m doing as his cock jerks uncontrollably under my light touch. He slows down his quick licks and replaces them with slow deliberate circles. Slow. Deliberate. Circles.

He feels so good in my mouth.

I love this position and I lie back to appreciate my view. With my hands, I draw light circles in the soft skin between his scrotum and his anus and hear him groan with approval. I watch as precum leaks and I wait for it to drip onto me. But, as always, the thirst takes over and I lick up the drop before it falls provoking my obsession to find more. I run my tongue over every ridge, sliding over his scrotum, around the base, and back to the tip. With my right hand, I start a practice in slow rhythmic strokes at the base of his cock. I take the head of his cock firmly in my mouth and let my tongue roam. I feel his legs start to shake and I know he’s close. He raises his hips to stop me but continues his circles on me, a little faster.


I haven’t been paying attention to my body to know how close I am to cumming and he drives me over the edge. My eyes close and my breath stops as my legs straighten, and my toes point. My mind is clear and only contains sensations of pleasure. Instinctively, my hands reach down to push harder on my clit to prolong the rhythmic sensations pulsing through my body. I open my eyes to find him watching me, clearly enjoying himself as I am undone.

I need you inside.

He knows this dance as I sit up and push him over. He lies on his back as I frantically try to guide him into my still pulsing wet pussy. Finally inside, I tremble with the sensation of being full and sit up high on his hips. He grabs my waist and hips, pushing and pulling me slowly to hit the tender spot inside while I stretch to accommodate him. I am breathless, enraptured, and overcome by pleasure. My hands push down on his chest to keep balance with my legs squeezing him underneath. I rock faster, savouring every single motion. His groans get louder and mix with mine as I feel the heat rise in our bodies. His grip tightens as he starts to lose control of the pleasure building inside. I rock faster and he watches me smile knowing what I’m doing to him. He shakes his head, but I watch him cum, his eyes closed, shuddering to the beat of his orgasm. I love watching him cum.

This feels so good. You feel so good.

At last, we are silent, but not still. I am quivering, my breath still ragged. His body relaxes as I feel the tension leave his muscles but encircle around me to pull me closer. I curl on his chest and listen to his heartbeat as he wraps me in his arm. I close my eyes.

In this dark, I can’t find my fear.