A week passed and he started to see moving boxes appear in her living room. He could see it from the calendar that it was July 15th. He wondered if she was really leaving and he tried not to think about it as he went about his day. Her apartment slowly turned into boxes as books, papers, dishes, even pictures were all put away and lined the floor and down the hallway. By July 29th, her apartment was almost completely in boxes except for the dining table with two chairs and the sign that said Call Me.

The next day, he arrived home later than usual. It had been a long day explaining to clients that a small error would set their project back a few months and while no one was happy about it, he was able to retain their business. He loosened his tie and flopped down on his chair and looked over into her apartment. He could see her casually dressed in a T-shirt and jeans sitting at her dining room table reading a book. He sighed as he grabbed a protein bar from the top drawer of his desk and begrudgingly opened his laptop to work emails that called his name.

About an hour later, he looked up from his work and she was walking through her apartment wearing a little black dress that ended mid thigh with a deep plunging neckline that displayed her cleavage beautifully. Sheer black pantyhose ran up her legs and she had swept her hair up to show off her gorgeous long neck. He watched her open a box in the hallway and step into black stilettos. He whistled out loud and looked at the clock absentmindedly and wondered when her date was going to pick her up. 10:30pm. A little later than usual perhaps?

He saw her place two glasses on the table, open a bottle of wine, and pour it into a decanter. He was slightly surprised to see red. He looked at the bottle label and his heart skipped a beat. Did that label really say Burrowing Owl Estate Winery? Now in full tempo, his heart thumped in his ears and his hands began to sweat.

She looked so calm as she sat down at the dining table, picked up her book, and started slowly turning the pages. Once in a while she would look over at her phone but it never kept her attention for very long. He wondered, what was she doing just sitting there?

He took a deep breath and something clicked in his mind. The sign that only he could see, his favourite wine… was she really waiting… for him? He stood up abruptly and his phone tumbled to the floor. Gathering up courage, he picked up his wits and phone and dialled the number before he could think too much. Each number he pushed he felt a little less confident and a little more jittery.


He watched her look up from her book and over to her phone sitting beside her.


He watched a confused look flash over her face as he viewed the screen. He sighed. Of course it would say “Unknown Caller.” What did he think it would say? Creepy neighbour? Stalker? Not like that would be any better. He sighed again convinced she would just end call. His finger hovered over the red button.


He watched her tap her phone and put it to her ear.


He hesitated and cleared his throat.

“Uh… hi.” Shit. He hadn’t thought of what he would say. He cleared his throat again.

“Hello?” She asked again, a little quieter this time. He would see her turning to look up to the window. A slow smile spread across her face.

“Hi, I got your message…” He walked up tentatively to the window so that he was bathed in the light of the street lamp and raised his hand in an awkward gesture. He jammed his hand into the pocket of his pants and stepped back. Fuck. What had he been thinking?

“It’s my last night here. At this hour you’ve probably already had dinner, but won’t you join me for some wine?” Her voice was velvety, rich with undertones of strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. He saw her stand up, walk to her window and place a hand up on the frame. How he loved watching her walk and in that dress, she was mesmerizing.

“Yes, but I… I need to…” He stammered, stepping back a little further and trying to focus on the words that he wanted to exhale from his mouth. He realized he was still in his work clothes, tie undone, 9 o’clock shadow, smelling like office.

“You’ve already kept me waiting… please don’t be too long.”

Exactly 10 minutes later he was buzzing her apartment intercom hoping he hadn’t imagined the whole thing. He kept checking his call history. 2 minutes logged with the number pinned up in her apartment. Still real. He had showered, shaved, and dressed in a button up collared shirt and slacks. He didn’t have anything fancy enough to match her, but he was pretty sure he would never be able to match her.

She buzzed him in and in a daze he walked up the mirrored stairs to her apartment door. He knocked lightly and half expected no one to be home. The lock clicked and she answered the door in all her glory. The slight waft of vanilla filled his nose and his groin tingled with excitement. He took a deep breath in.

“Look, I need to apologize…” he stammered after a minute, trying to look into her eyes but finding his shoes of main interest.

“For being late?”

“No… for being, uh, creepy.” Her laugh was melodic as she touched his arm, guided him inside, closed the door, and walked down the hall. Her ass was even more amazing up close. He followed her.

“Wine?” She smiled up at him, half teasing, half curious as she filled the two glasses from the decanter. He glanced up relieved to see his apartment black and dark. She couldn’t have seen him all this time watching her, could’ve she?

She handed him a glass, made a cheers motion and took a sip.

“Well, maybe if you’re apologizing, then I should too.” She hesitated for a moment and then sauntered over to the living room lamp, flicked the switch, and waited in the blackness.

Once his eyes adjusted, he was horrified to see that he could see into his apartment. The small hall window poured just enough light into the back half of his living room to where his desk was setup. He audibly gulped down some wine completely speechless, but when he looked back at her after she turned the lamp on, she had a sparkle in her eyes that he’d never seen from his desk.

“You see, I’ve been watching you too. When I first moved in, I was going to put up curtains but then I saw you watching me I was a little nervous at first but I realized how much I loved it. I really didn’t want the fantasy to end but when I accepted a job back East, I knew I wanted one real night with you. You see, countless nights after a disappointing encounter, I would turn my lamp off and sit by my bathroom door. I would watch you touch yourself, watch you cum… and it was always so fucking hot I would have to finish what none of them could. So, I put a sign up hoping you’d call and, well, here we are.” She took a long sip of her wine and swallowed hard.

“Here we are…”

His head was swimming and he could no longer hide his excitement. He put down his glass and walked over to her slowly and carefully, trying not pop the bubble that he was floating in. He gently cupped her cheek and looked into her eyes. Wrapping his other arm around her waist, he leaned over and kissed her, slowly and gently at first and then with more hunger. She groaned and put down her glass to wrap her arms around his waist and pull his body towards her. She broke the embrace and started walking towards the bedroom but he stopped her.

“No, wait. If this is for only one night, let me enjoy you as long as I can.” She seemed to melt a little with his words and walked back to him swaying her hips as he had watched her do countless times before. He picked her up, walked over to the dining room table and placed her on it.

He knelt admiring the enchantress in front of him. His hands felt the slickness of her patented shoes before moving slowly up her legs. The pantyhose gave a silky but rough texture on his fingertips making him yearn to feel her skin underneath. She squirmed under his touch, but tried not seem too eager.

His hands met the bottom of her dress and he lingered there to trace the hemline. Reaching under, he groaned with anticipation feeling the garter underneath. She giggled nervously and he stood up only to kiss her mouth briefly and then turn his attention back to the journey up her body. His fingers danced up her dress and traced the deep v, sending shivers down her spine that tickled nerves that seemed to connected directly to her clit. Her breath was shallow and her heart was pounding. She could feel the moisture and warmth spreading between her thighs.

His hands expertly unzipped the back of her dress and he ran his hands up her neck. He untied her hair and watched it flow down over her shoulders and frame her beautiful cheekbones. As he caressed her shoulders, the arms of her dress fell to her waist. Her bare breasts were magnificent up close and he explored them with kisses and tongue, tracing the pink outlines of her nipples and gently pulling each one into his mouth one at a time. With his hand, he squeezed the other nipple causing her to gasp and moan quietly. The heat between her thighs was becoming unbearable and she began to unconsciously grind the table top.

“No, no, let me help you.” He smiled as he lifted her down from the table and slipped the dress down to her ankles for her to step out. He stepped back to take a long look. As if the black lace underwear wasn’t enough to really get him going, the black lace underwear under a black lace garter holding up sheer pantyhose with black lace tops and stilettos really did him in. He knew he was leaking precum and his pants were so uncomfortable. He so badly wanted to just yank her underwear aside and plunge deep into her juicy pussy, but restrained.

Slowly, he unclipped the garters and removed her stockings, kissing down her legs as he exposed more and more skin finally removing them and her shoes. She wriggled under his touch and steadied herself holding onto his back for balance. He slipped off her garter and finally hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties, trailed them down her thighs, and sat her up on the table. He could see the inside of her thighs were tacky, and her lovely scent filled his senses. He spread her legs at the knees.

“Where are my manners?” she gasped as he gently ran his fingers up the inside of her thighs and touching around everything but nothing she wanted. She leaned down toward his pants and undid his belt, button and zipper. He sighed as large member now free of the confines sprang forward and he welcomed the slight release. Before she could do anything further he took her hands into his, kissed them both, and placed them on her legs. He leaned forward kissing up her thighs and stopped at the top. She closed her eyes, gripped his hands and groaned with frustration while tilting her hips up.

“Please… “ she started and then sucked in a small breath as she felt his hot tongue lightly licking her clit and sucking it into his mouth. She shuttered, enraptured by the feeling spreading throughout her body as his tongue circled her lips and dipped into her pussy.

“Don’t worry, I’ve made you wait too long already, remember?” he mumbled in between licks. His rhythm was impeccable as he danced in and around her wet pussy, the delicate sounds of her juices intermingling with her noises interrupted the silence as he licked and sucked. With one had she grabbed his head and her other hand gripped the table edge allowing her to thrust her hips forward getting louder with her moans. Taking her cue, he burrowed his face deeper revelling in her moisture, smell, and taste until he felt her legs start to shake. As her thighs clamped around his head her hips thrust towards him and the rest of her body shook with pleasure. He slowed his motions as her breath slowed and he finally looked up.

Her eyes were closed and her mouth open, enjoying the last moments of her pulsing orgasm. She opened her eyes to find him watching her and it made her want him inside with a terrible lust. She nodded to the question being silently asked and he picked her up and made his way to her bedroom.

The bedroom was as bare as the rest of the apartment except for her bed and a night table with a lamp. Hurriedly, he pulled a condom out of his pants pocket and placed it on the nightstand as she devoured his mouth and kissed down his neck. Her hands furiously tearing at his shirt, pants, and socks until finally they were skin to skin. She traced the outline of his shoulders and down his arms to firmly grab his cock and stroke it slowly up and down, rubbing his precum over the tip and making her hand slide up and down easily. She knelt in front of him and put her mouth over the tip and slowly took as much of his hardness in her mouth as she could, deeper and deeper until he could feel the back of her throat. Her stroke became more urgent and he mumbled a weak refusal to not finish him yet.

She grabbed the condom tore open the package and pulled it out. Slowly, she rolled it down his throbbing member as he shuddered with anticipation. He swiftly bent her over onto her bed and grabbed her ass to position his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in slowly, allowing her to stretch to accommodate him. She panted loudly and and pushed back hard making his entrance swift and deep, almost sending him over the edge. He grabbed onto her left hip and drove into her again and again while reaching around to rub her clit. He felt her quiver around him, her pussy pulsing, and her moans and cries were edging him on. The warmth of her around his cock was intense and the smell of sex and vanilla filled the air with electricity.

“Let me watch you.” she said, breathlessly.

Hearing her voice brought him so close to the edge, but he knew he would not disappoint her. The pressure building up inside was magnificent as he lay down on the bed and flipped her on top grabbing her hips. She buried him again into her sweet wet pussy and kissed his lips as she drove him in deeper and deeper. She sat up, squirmed and moaned riding him without slowing down until he couldn’t stop himself. He focused on her eyes and felt his cock stiffen and spurt his hot seed, the rhythmic pulses electrifying all over his body, his hands gripping her hips tightly. When he had calmed, she kissed all around his face and his lips and ran her fingers through his hair. Slowly, she slipped him out of her, removed and tied up the condom, pulled up the covers, and cuddled into him. He slowly stroked her hair and they fell asleep without another word.

He woke up to the sound of his alarm going off in the living room reminding him to get back to reality. For a brief moment, he considered waking her to say goodbye, but then gently moved her head from his chest, covered her and quietly got off the bed. He gathered his things and gently closed the door to her apartment. As he walked back to his apartment, he texted her ‘Thank you for the amazing night, stay safe on your travels out East.’ He hated goodbyes almost as much as he hated hellos.

When he got home from work, the apartment across the street had new opaque blue curtains. He sighed and put his binoculars into the bottom drawer of his desk and went about life in the usual way. He thought of her often and that wild, unbelievable night. A week later, he finally got up the nerve to call but the automatic voice on the other end told him that the number he had reached was not in service. He quietly scolded himself for trying.

One month later, he woke up in the morning to a text from an unknown number. It read:

The apartment across the street is for rent.


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