Greta Spruce About Me

Call me Greta. Miss Spruce. Dear. Lovely. Hey You.

I might be a party girl attending orgy parties in her Pleaser 8″ heels mid week, a whore, a slut. Letting hands run over my body, not caring what arms they’re attached to, what body, what mind. I might be an introverted, audiobook loving, tea drinking lady, working a 9-5 job in an technology driven world having silent bathroom workplace flings. I might be a slow living, garden growing, cashew milk making woman, masturbating in her time between laundry loads. I might be all of these. I might be for you.

Want to know who I am? I am obsessed with getting to know me too. Please, come, sit close to me. Ask me questions and let me ask some of my own. Let’s explore together.

Just don’t call me by my real name.